Product Range

Our product range is infinite - all our springs are designed and manufactured to specific orders from our customers. We can design and manufacture each of the three major types of spring (compression, extension and torsion) but also springs and shapes made from flat strip material and shapes made from almost any wire size.

These pages offer a brief introduction to the range of springs we offer and details of our development service. If you require any further information on our product range either request a copy of our brochure or give us a call, during normal office hours, and we will be happy to help.


The most common type of spring used in the engineering industry, coiled springs which are relatively easy to design and manufacture.


Extension springs are closed-coiled springs used where a force is required to pull between two points.


Torsion springs can be made from round or square wire, although round is considerably cheaper and easier to manufacture.


Our range of flat strip products covers an infinite range of shapes and sizes.


Our range of wire shapes covers an infinite range of shapes and sizes.


Our product development service is a complete solution to your spring problems.

For more information please call 01754 898330

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