Our range of wire shapes covers an infinite range of shapes and sizes. The easiest way to find out if we can help with your idea or design is to send an online enquiry or give us a call.

We will need to know some or all of the following

to determine if we are able to help:

Size of the wire to be used

Depending on the complexity of the design we can usually use any size of wire up to about 20mm diameter.

Type of material

We stock and are able to use standard spring steels, stainless steels, beryllium copper, inconel and more. For details on material types see our technical information section here

The size of any radii of bends

Note that very sharp bends should be avoided as they can create high stress points and lead to early fractures.

Corrosion Protection

Depending on the material used, you may require some form of corrosion protection. See the technical information section for more details.

For more information please call 01754 898330

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