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Technical Information

There is a lot more to spring design and manufacture than most people think. From choosing the correct material with a suitable balance between strength and reliability to choosing the correct surface finish and corrosion protection, the options are endless.

This section of the site will hopefully give a brief overview of the problems that we encounter when we start designing a spring, and the options available to solve those problems.

Materials lists the various advantages and disadvantages of the numerous types and sub-types of wire and flat strip that we use here during manufacture.

Sizes gives a useful comparison between metric, Imperial and Standard Wire Gauge sizes of wire and flat strip.

Corrosion suggests suitable solutions for the prevention of corrosion of a spring after manufacture, from simple oils to more complex and expensive plating.

Conversion lists some useful conversion factors for metric to Imperial and back again.

Download our Simple Guide to Springs information sheet:
Simple Guide to Springs - Adobe PDF format (200Kb) Adobe PDF Format, 195Kb Simple Guide to Springs - Microsoft Word format (239Kb) Microsoft Word Format, 149Kb


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