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Enquiry Form for a New Spring Design

Please fill in this form as fully as possible. When entering any measurements please include the unit of measurement (i.e. mm, inches, cm etc) and any tolerances that would need to be kept to.

Type of Spring: Compression Extension Torsion

Material Diameter and Type:

Spring Diameter:

Number of Coils:
Total (N) Active (n)

Free length:

Working Loads and Lengths:
Force 1 @ length 1
Force 2 @ length 2

End finish or leg configuration:

Direction of Winding [what does this mean?]:
Right Hand Left Hand Don't Know

Please use this space for any other information that may be useful including what application the spring will be used for and any other details that may be relevant:

Quantity Required:
Your Reference Number:

Your Contact Details:

Company Name:
Your Name:
Email Address:

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